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Are engagement functions haram or bida, how can they be considered innovation?    As Kashmir is a valley of saints so here people celebrate their days with great religious it allowed in Islam?    I own 10 acre land and saved 400000 this year from agriculture output, how much i should pay zakat/ushr ?    Forbidden times for salaah    Is sura al-fathia necessary to recite in prayers?    What if ones husband wants eyebrows to be removed?    If imaam has to go for sajda sahu and some late comer joined only the Tash-hud, and when imaam slams on right side, should the late comer also slams with imaam?    celebrating Mehndi rat or mehndi rasam or henna ceremony ?    Why are women not allowed in the mosque?    Seek knowledge even if we have to go to china?    Is it mandatory to recite Surah Masura before saying salam?    Is it allowed for an ulcer patient to leave the Fast ?    Falling in love with opposite sex?    Should we recite more duroods in rabi-ul-awal?    Husband forcibly had sexual intercourse with his wife while fasting in Ramadan?    Pulling back a person In congregation prayer?    what is Ihram and what are the Prerequisites for Hajj?    Can a person with impurity touch the Quran?    Making wadu(ablution) in standing position?    Is it permissible to offer Nafil Salaah after Witr Salaah?    If we catch only the rukoo(bowing) of a rakaat, is that rakaat valid?    Relationship with the Parents    Tone of Recital in prayer?    Dilute substance releases from penis during sexy talk or physical touch with wife?    Basic requirements for Marriage to be legitimate?    Dua after every fard /obligatory congregation prayer?    I did not touch my private organ with bare hand, was my ablution and salah valid?    ISlams Viewpoint on Wills,Inheritance    Which parts of salah should be louder can we pray randomly partly louder and others silent?    when we have a miscarried fetus/ Aborted Child, have we to offer Funeral Prayer for it?    Should we recite the iftaar Dua before eating or after eating something?    Dua during lailat-ul-qadr?    A dream where I recited a verse of the glorious Quran?    While in sajadah vaginal gases come out ...    ’s hair in hazratbal Kashmir?    I am Addicted to masturbation.    Woman Dies While Pregnant?    Does prophet mohammad(pbuh) know what is happening on earth after his death?    Islams view point of smoking?    What to recite during intercource with wife?    Can husband and wife see each others private parts?   
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