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Reasons that can lead one to follow or innovate an innovation in islam?    What should you say after reciting Surah Theen?    What is the meaning of Ghous Ul Azam or Ghaus-i-azam? Is it correct to call Shaykh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani Alayhi Rahma Ghous ul Azam?    Sexual thoughts and discharge while in prayer...    Can I read tahiyatul masjid before fajr prayer?    Shaking Hands with Non-Mehram.    Wet-Dreams    Is there any standard type of gold based on which Zakah sould be calculated? Because there are many types gold prevalent in the market namely 24 caret, 22, 20, 18, even 10 caret which price differs type to type.    Breaking of ablution or wudu.    Would you like to guide me regarding the length of keeping beard, and is it allowed to keep beard of little length or of fashion style? UmmahHelpline    I see white marks. Is it wady or Mahdi?    Hadith reference.    Reciting surah IKHLAS in every rakah?    Is hugging and kissing friends allowed in Islam?    Masturbation and yellowish discharge in women?    Does penis releases semen maniy or madhiy prostatic fluid?    Should we recite more duroods in rabi-ul-awal?    Wadu and Sexual Thoughts.    Is a women allowed to slaughter the animal herself on eid?    Can zakat be given to extremely poor student for buying books or clothings?    Is it ok to take the money of my father with out his permission, I mean secretly?    Is abortion haram?    Chatting with NON-MEHRAM    When shaheed or martyrs are alive then why not prophet Mohammed( saw)?    Supermarket meat of America?    Is it necessary also for muqtadis to recite Taqbir(Allahu Akbar) after imaam in a prayer?    Living with a room-mate who is having illegal sexual intercourse?    Can we perform Hajj al-Ifraad if we have done an Umrah in Shawal?    Is it sinful to bend the fingers?    How to recite tahiyya?    How old was aisha when she married prophet mohammad s.a.w?    What does islam say about hunting with aroow, with trained dog, with hawks?    Advice me, my husband is dealing with riba or interest.    How to make queues in fard prayer?    Can a women cut/shave/pull her unwanted hairs from face?    Should we recite the iftaar Dua before eating or after eating something?    Does a Wife have the right to refuse sex with her Husband?    Can husband give zakat to his own wife?    What are the different discharges that come out of vagina, and how to distinguish them?    Sex during fasting and periods?    Does passing wind through vagina invalidate ablution(wadu) ?   
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