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Did prophet(pbuh) see allah?

Qazi imran from darul-uloom bilalia Srinagar Kashmir said, in a program which was aired in Ramazan on 92.7 BIG FM, where he said prophet (saw) saw allah during the night of mehraj. The exact wording are under :
Mara aqeeda aur maray akabereen ka aqeeda ya hai ke nabi (saw) na allah ko dekha be aur allah say bath be ke;
میرا اور میرے اقابرین کا عقیدا یہ ہے کہ نبیٌ نے اللھ کو دیکھا بی اور ات بی کی


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

We begin with Allah’s blessed name, we praise him and we glorify him, seek his forgiveness and ask him to guide us. Whoever Allah guides, None can lead astray and whoever he misguides, None can guide. There is no power and no strength except from Allah, The most high, the Most great, the most powerful. We bear witness that there is no one worthy of worship but Allah Alone, and we bear witness that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is His slave-servant and the seal of His Messengers. We pray for peace and blessings on all the noble messengers and in particular on the last of them all “the blessed prophet Mohammad (pbuh)”

That is Allah, your Lord! there is no god but He, the Creator of all things: then worship ye Him: and He hath power to dispose of all affairs. QURAN[6:102]

No vision can grasp Him, but His grasp is over all vision: He is above all comprehension, yet is acquainted with all things. QURAN[6:103]

Narrated Masruq: 'Aisha said, "If anyone tells you that Muhammad has seen his Lord, he is a liar, for Allah says: 'No vision can grasp Him.' (6.103) and if anyone tells you that Muhammad has seen the Unseen, he is a liar, for Allah says: "None has the knowledge of the Unseen but Allah." SAHIH AL-BUKHARI [Volume 9, Book 93, Number 477]

Quran: surah An-Najam(53)

1. By the Star when it goes down,-
2. Your Companion is neither astray nor being misled.
3. Nor does he say (aught) of (his own) Desire.
4. It is no less than inspiration sent down to him:
5. He was taught by one Mighty in Power,
6. Endued with Wisdom: for he appeared (in stately form);
7. While he was in the highest part of the horizon:
8. Then he approached and came closer,
9. And was at a distance of but two bow-lengths or (even) nearer;
10. So did (Allah) convey the inspiration to His Servant- (conveyed) what He (meant) to convey.
11. The (Prophet´s) (mind and) heart in no way falsified that which he saw.
12. Will ye then dispute with him concerning what he saw?
13. For indeed he saw him at a second descent,
14. Near the Lote-tree beyond which none may pass:
15. Near it is the Garden of Abode.
16. Behold, the Lote-tree was shrouded (in mystery unspeakable!)
17. (His) sight never swerved, nor did it go wrong!
18. For truly did he see, of the Signs of his Lord, the Greatest!

It is narrated on the authority of Abu Dharr: I asked the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him): Did you see thy Lord? He said: He is a Light;. how could I see Him? SAHIH MUSLIM[Book 001, Number 0341]

It is narrated on the authority of Masruq that he said: I was resting at (the house of) 'A'isha that she said: O Abu 'A'isha (kunya of Masruq), there are three things, and he who affirmed even one of them fabricated the greatest lie against Allah. I asked that they were. She said: He who presumed that Muhammad (may peace be upon him) saw his Lord (with his ocular vision) fabricated the greatest lie against Allah. I was reclining but then sat up and said: Mother of the Faithful, wait a bit and do not be in a haste. Has not Allah (Mighty and Majestic) said:" And truly he saw him on the clear horizon" (al-Qur'an, lxxxi. 23) and" he saw Him in another descent" (al-Qur'an, iiii. 13)? She said: I am the first of this Ummah who asked the Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) about it, and he said: Verily he is Gabriel. I have never seen him in his original form in which he was created except on those two occasions (to which these verses refer) ; I saw him descending from the heaven and filling (the space) from the sky to the earth with the greatness of his bodily structure. She said: Have you not heard Allah saying." Eyes comprehend Him not, but He comprehends (all) vision. and He is Subtle, and All-Aware" (al-Qur'an, v. 104)? (She, i. e. 'A'isha, further said): Have you not heard that, verily, Allah says:" And it is not vouchsafed to a human being that Allah should speak unto him otherwise than by revelation, or from behind a veil, or that He sendeth a messenger (angel), so that he revealth whatsoever He wills. Verily He is Exalted. Wise" (al. Qur'an, xii. 51) She said: He who presumes that the Messengerof Allah (may peace be upon him) concealed anything, from the Book, of Allah fabricates the greatest lie against Allah. Allah says:" O Messenger! deliver that which has been revealed to thee from thy Lord, and if thou do (it) not, thou hast not delivered His message" (al-Qur'an, v. 67). She said: He who presumes that he would inform about what was going to happen tomorrow fabricates the greatest lie against Allah. And Allah says" Say thou (Muhammad): None in the heavens and the earth knoweth the unseen save Allah" (al-Qur'an, xxvii 65). SAHIH MUSLIM[Book 001, Number 0337]

Masruq reported: I said to 'A'isha: What about the words of Allah:" Then he drew nigh and came down, so he was at a distance of two bows or closer still: so He revealed to His servant what He revealed" (al-Qur'an, liii. 8-10)? She said: It implies Gabriel. He used to come to him (the Holy Prophet) in the shape of men; but he came at this time in his true form and blocked up the horizon of the sky. SAHIH MUSLIM [Book: 001, Number: 0340]

According to the above guidance, the Holy Prophet had not seen Allah but His wonderful Sings. Therefore, one will have to admit that neither the one whom he(pbuh) had first seen on the uppermost horizon was Allah nor he whom he saw afterwards by the farthest lote-tree was Allah. Had our beloved prophet(pbuh) seen Allah on either occasion it would have been a great thing and must certainly have been mentioned explicitly? Allah says in the quran:

When Moses came to the place appointed by Us, and his Lord addressed him, He said: "O my Lord! show (Thyself) to me, that I may look upon thee." Allah said: "By no means canst thou see Me (direct); But look upon the mount; if it abide in its place, then shalt thou see Me." When his Lord manifested His glory on the Mount, He made it as dust. And Moses fell down in a swoon. When he recovered his senses he said: "Glory be to Thee! to Thee I turn in repentance, and I am the first to believe."QURAN[7:143]

If this honor was not given to mosses but to Mohammad (pbuh) then it was a great thing, and would had been mentioned.But it has been mentioned that we had transported our that we may show him some of Our Signs"

Glory to (Allah) Who did take His servant for a Journey by night from the Sacred Mosque to the farthest Mosque, whose precincts We did bless,- in order that We might show him some of Our Signs: for He is the One Who heareth and seeth (all things).Quran[17:1]

And one of the sign of Allah was that our beloved prophet (pbuh) saw the Gabriel in his original shape.

Al-Shaibini reported to us: I asked Zirr b. Hubaish about the words of Allah (the Mighty and Great):" So he was (at a distance) of two bows or nearer" (al-Qur'an, Iiii 8). He said: Ibn Mas'ud informed me that, verily, the Apostle of Allah (may peace be upon him) saw Gabriel and he had six hundred wings. SAHIH MUSLIM[Book 001, Number 0330]

Al-Shaibani narrated on the authority of Zirr who narrated it on this authority of Abdullah that the (words of Allah):" The heart belied not what he saw" (al Qur'an, Iiii. 11) imply that he saw Gabriel (peace be upon him) and he had six hundred wings. SAHIH MUSLIM [Book 001, Number 0331]

Zirr b. Hubaish narrated it on the authority of 'Abdullah (that the words of Allah):" Certainly he saw of the greatest signs of Allah" (al-Qur'an, liii. 18) imply that he saw Gabriel in his (original) form and he had six hundred wings. SAHIH MUSLIM [Book 001, Number 0332]

It is narrated on the authority of Abu Huraira that the (words of Allah):" And certainly he saw him in another descent" (al-Qur'an, Iiii. 13) imply that he saw Gabriel. SAHIH MUSLIM [Book 001, Number 0333]

In the view of the above guidance there remains no doubt what so ever in the minds or in hearts of the believers about this matter. Thus the absolute truth is that our beloved prophet (pbuh) did not see Allah (on either occasions on the night journey) but the angel Gabriel.

The reason that has given rise to dispute “prophet(pbuh) has seen Allah, prophet(pbuh) has not seen Allah” is that the traditions of Hadith differ on this question:

It is narrated on the authority of Ibn Abbas that the words:" The heart belied not what he saw" (al-Qur'an, Iiii. 11) and" Certainly he saw Him in another descent" (al-Qur'an, Iiii. 13) imply that he saw him twice with his heart. SAHIH MUSLIM [Book 001, Number 0335]

It is narrated on the authority of Ibn 'Abbas that he (the Holy Prophet) saw (Allah) with, his heart. SAHIH MUSLIM [Book 001, Number 0334]

Abdullah b. Shaqiq reported: I said to Abu Dharr: Had I seen the Messenger of Allah, I would have asked him. He (Abu Dharr) said: What is that thing that you wanted to inquire of him? He said: I wanted to ask him whether he had seen his Lord. Abu Dharr said: I, in fact, inquired of him, and he replied: I saw Light. SAHIH MUSLIM [Book 001, Number 0342]

The above two narrations are contradictory to each other, and also In none of these traditions contains any mention of either of the two experiences (on the night journey) stated in the Qur'an; besides, the explanation of 335 and 334 traditions indicates that the Holy Prophet at some time had seen Allah not in the waking condition but in a vision during sleep.

Abu Musa reported: The Messenger of Allah (may peace be upon him) was standing amongst us and he told us five things. He said: Verily the Exalted and Mighty God does not sleep, and it does not befit Him to sleep. He lowers the scale and lifts it. The deeds in the night are taken up to Him before the deeds of the day. and the deeds of the day before the deeds of the night. His veil is the light. In the hadith narrated by Abu Bakr (instead of the word" light" ) it is fire. If he withdraws it (the veil), the splendour of His countenance would consume His creation so far as His sight reaches. SAHIH MUSLIM [Book 001, Number 0343]

“His veil is the light” indicating that the veil of Allah is light. In hadith 342 (quoted above), Abu Dharr narrates that our prophet(pbuh) saw light, which means that prophet(pbuh) did not saw Allah.

As for the other traditions that we have cited above, the weightiest among them are those that have been related from Hadrat `Abdullah bin Mas'ud and Hadrat `A'ishah, for both of them have unanimously reported this saying of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) himself that on neither occasion he had seen Allah but Gabriel (peace be on him), and these traditions fully conform to the explanations and allusions of the Qur'an.

aur allah say bath be ke

It is not fitting for a man that Allah should speak to him except by inspiration, or from behind a veil, or by the sending of a messenger to reveal, with Allah´s permission, what Allah wills: for He is Most High, Most Wise. Quran [42:51]

Allah spoke to the prophets through three ways:

1. Inspiration (means direct divine inspiration).

2. From behind a veil (One may hear a voice without seeing the speaker, just as it happened in the case of the Prophet Moses when he suddenly began to hear a voice from a tree on Mount Tur, while the Speaker was hidden from him).

3. By the sending of a messenger(angel) to reveal, with Allah´s permission, what Allah wills.

The Holy Prophet was given instruction by all these three methods: On the occasion of the Mihraj (Ascension) the Holy Prophet was honored with the second kind of the wahi also. In several authentic Traditions the way mention has been made of the Commandment of the Salah five times a day and the Holy Prophet's making submissions in that regard again and again clearly shows that at that time a similar dialogue took place between Allah Almighty and His servant Muhammad (pbuh) as had taken place between Allah and the Prophet Moses at the foot of Mount Tur. And Allah alone knows the best.

I ask Allah to make this a sincere effort, seeking his pleasure, and I ask him to grant us refuge in him from the evils within ourselves, and that in our deeds. I ask him to grant us success in achieving whatever pleases him; And May Allah Shower His blessings and mercy upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), his family and his Companions and on all those who follow him until the final hour.

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