Who is obliged to pay Usher Zakah if one sells ones fruit of apple orchard before it is ripe? Zakah on 50,000 Rupees. For what purposes we can use ushr? Zakah on rented house? Zakah on Gifts? Can zakat be given to extremely poor student for buying books or clothings? Is there any standard type of gold based on which Zakah sould be calculated? Because there are many types gold prevalent in the market namely 24 caret, 22, 20, 18, even 10 caret which price differs type to type. I own 10 acre land and saved 400000 this year from agriculture output, how much i should pay zakat/ushr ? To whom can I pay the Usher zakah? How to calculate usher for 4000 boxes of apple? When and what zakat is due on a plot purchased for investment? Can we give zakat money to syed people? Is there zakat on the gold that has been kept for children especially daughters? My sister has her own house , but she is uneducated does not do job , her husband is blind can't work , they do not have any source of income , is it okay to give her zakat? Is it ok to ask zakat money to feed poor kids? Assalam o alaikum sir my total paddy is 40000 maunds. How many kg do spend as Usher Thanking you? Nisaab for ushar zakah? Can husband give zakat to his own wife? Tax vs Zakah? Giving zakah to poor family? Can zakat money be used to feed poor orphanage kids and poor women? If I am giving Zakah to my poor huby and he spend that money back to me.Is it acceptable in front of Allah? Giving zakat to a women whose husband is blind for last 15 year? Is there Zakat on plot brought for home? He didn't get any profit from his land for few years and getting under debt. He still have to pay the Usher-Zakah? What rate applied of usher on wheat which is cultivated on tubewell water? Family refuse to pay usher on the produce from the land? Should i give zakat on the gifted gold item? If yes, then how much the weight should it be on which i have to give zakat? What is Zakat ul-fitr? What is its purpose, who must pay, when to give, whome to give? What is the difference between Usher and Zakaat and what r the conditions under which these two become compulsory upon a man or woman? Can one give zakat to his close relatives like married sister, a married brother who lives separate? Can a rich Muslim wife give portion of her Zakat to her poor husband?