What is the minimum karat of dinar to be given for expiation of sin? Does rubbing penis with bed sheet makes it impure? After masturbation, does touching any thing makes it impure? Is gay cam sex deemed as sodomy or lesser of a sin than it? Can one recite Quran from heart while one Janub? My husband after having sex slept on my daughters bed using her blanket with out ghusl or complete bath. Is my daughter stuff impure now? Is Foreplay and kissing between men considered Gay sex? Is Pulling out penis from vagina at the time of ejaculation considered masturbation? Whenever I research and read about related to sexual things in Islam I get erection am I making sins? Can you have sex with your wife by taking timing pills? Can wife and husband have sex in any position? Can wife and husband have sex being naked in light? Can a wife and husband have sex while bathing together and naked? How often you can have sex with your wife except her period? Can you suck your wife vagina? Can husband suck boobs of wife? I watched bad things and ejaculated about 10 days while fasting and didn't know what to do. Relationship with a non-muslim girl and feel some drops falling out from my private part? Whenever i research and read about related to sexual things in islam i get erection am i making sins? I was masturbating 10 days in Ramadan while I was fasting. What is the punishment for having sex with my step niece? Relationship and sex with Hindu man? Madhi comes out while watching porn and doing masturbation. How should a girl do Ghusul if she did masturbation during ist day of manses? Masturbation and cutting nails. I am Addicted to masturbation. I masturbated and I did not knew its haram. Does penis releases semen maniy or madhiy prostatic fluid? What are the different discharges that come out of vagina, and how to distinguish them? If one do sex with his wife during menstrual period unintentionally then how he atonement for it current days according to Islam? I masturbate, and I do not really know how to differentiate between different types of discharges? I had sexual intercourse on 5th day and manses started again. IN ISLAM CAN WIFE GIVE HANDJOB TO HIS HUSBAND? Sex during fasting and periods? I had sex with my Girlfriend, what is the punishment for me? Has Madhiy any bad smell? Do I need gusul if I help my man with blowjob and white discharge comes out from vagina, and if he rub his private part on mine? I see white marks. Is it wady or Mahdi? Can we watch pornography and can a couple have sex while being naked? Can one do masturbation if one receives constant wet dreams? Atonement of sex during menstruating? How many times in a day we have to do hAnd practise then it will be safe? My periods stopped for the whole day and night and between it I had intercourse. After intercourse when i went to bathroom to clean myself, i saw blood. Mensuration started when they had intercourse? Living with a room-mate who is having illegal sexual intercourse? Dilute substance releases from penis during sexy talk or physical touch with wife? Signs of manses start during intercourse? Masturbation and yellowish discharge in women? Periods and spotting? Sex during menses? Wife considers every thing impure that is touched by her while in sexual impurity? Sin of having sex while the wife is in manses, or fasting? After seeing pornography, I feel wet, is it Maniy or Madhiy? Decreasing ones sexual thirst? Kafara or atonement for sex during menstruation and during fast? I have sexual relation with a girl, can we marry? What are the solution for wet dream which occurred several time? Sex after pregnancy? What should I do for my husband to enjoy sexing with me? Does masturbating invalidates ones fast? Can husband and wife see each others private parts?

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