Salah (Prayer)
Is not praying Tahiyat Masjid a sin? Can I Pray All Sunnah Prayer At Home? What is the maximum distance allowed behind or right left to a saf for another saf of prayer for which the prayer will be valid? Can I make dua in prostration in mother tongue? Can I pray on the floor on which I have walked while I was sexually impure? I like to know if the prophet (SAW) recited the surah iklas in every prayer? What should one do if one gets up for the third rakah in the set of two rakah? What are the dua to perform in sajdah in Arabic? Prophet has not practiced Rafayadain. When chast Namaz starts and ends time and how many Rakat. How can my husband pray Magrib while he is travelling? In which prayer are three Rakah but one Tashud? Sexual thoughts and discharge while in prayer... Tahiyat al-masjid before fajar salah... Which parts of salah should be louder can we pray randomly partly louder and others silent? Who can perform salah in Awal Waqt? Can I perform Tahiyat-ul-Masjid before fajar salah? Is it mandatory to recite Surah Masura before saying salam? While in sajadah vaginal gases come out ... Which surah is the most you say in every rakath ? Is rafedain compulsury during salah? Is it allowed for one to observe tahiyatul masjid in the masjid befor the arrival of the imam? Can we make dua in sajdah in Arabic or in mother language, can we read quran in sajidah, can we recite daroodi in sajdah? Making dua or supplications in sajdah? Pulling back a person In congregation prayer? Raising hands while going to ruku? Anxiety disorder and prayer? Sunnah Ghair Muakkadah or Tahiyat-ul-Masjid? Tahiyat-ul-Masjid at zawal time? Combining intentions for prayers? Missing Suratul fathia in ones prayer? Is it necessary to recite bismillah loud while praying? If the two sunnah for fajr is prayed at home, can one still pray tahiyat-ul masjid when entering the mosque Is 1 rakah witr reward equal to 3 rakah witr reward? Dua after Durood Ibrahim? Make verbal intention for prayer? Reciting surah IKHLAS in every rakah? Is reciting sutah fatiha behind an imam obligatory both in the silent and loud prayer. JizakAllah kheir Reciting from quran in tarawe? Can I read tahiyatul masjid before fajr prayer? Khutbah in language other than arabic, and collecting donation while khutbah. Practicing 'Rafayadain' (raising one's hands). Salatul witr after isha? Praying sunnah prayers? Missing Dhuhr prayer and the Asr Jamath is standing, what to do? what is rafidain?Is it sunnah or not? Is dua masura recited in salah or after salah? Can we pray Tahitul masjid for the same mosque more than once per day if we enter and exit all 5 times? Summary of options: Qaza-e-Umri(Missed Salaats)? Dua after every fard /obligatory congregation prayer? Is it sunnah to supplicate after durood ibrahim in salah? Can we pray tahiyatul masjid outside a mosque? Forearm on the ground while in sajidah , and is it haram to pay in darkness? Awaal waqt, Wasatul waqt and Akhir waqt; please which among them is more appropriate in Islam and why? Using "Taqabbal Allaahu minna wa minkum " after prayer? How to pray proper salah? At what time can one perform tahjud prayer? Can we pray 3 rakat witr or should it be 1 raka? Tahiyat almasjid at khutba time? What is meant by Awal Waqt and Akhir Waqt for a prayer? What is the appropriate timing for fajar prayer? Reciting 'duwa masura' in our own language? Recitation of tahiyya?

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