Ramadan & Fasting
Intercourse during suhur and performing tayamum. When to make intention for fasting? Is Itikaf obligatory on at-least one Muslim in a community during Ramadan? Break the fast before dua or after dua. please clarify. Is fasting specific to this ummah (of Prophet Muhammad) alone? Listening music while fasting? How to break our Ramazan fasting? Dua during lailat-ul-qadr? Husband missing fast? Does Touching wife break the fast? How many rakahs are in taraweeh? is it bidah to pray 20 rakahs in taraweeh? What is itikaf? Its types? And in Which type of masjid to perform it? What is the lastest time for teraweeh? For whom is fasting mandatory? Husband forcibly had sexual intercourse with his wife while fasting in Ramadan? In Ramadan I enter the masjid and the fard was finished and tarawe prayer was going on, should I join the congregation of tarawe or should I first go for the fard prayer? What is the dua in arabic when you fast? Does brushing and sexual thoughts break the fast? In Japan, only eight rakat Tarawih is followed. Is it allowed for an ulcer patient to leave the Fast? Im a restaurant owner & I want to know can I keep my restaurant open while ramdan? Can I serve food to any ill person in my family while Im fasting? Is fasting valid if someone still eats after the end of Sehri time? Is suhur compulsory? Should we recite the iftaar Dua before eating or after eating something? Is touching, kissing, hugging wife permitted while in fasting? Things that will break the fast & what about EYE DROPS? Is it permitted for husband & wife to have sexual intercourse in Ramadan?