Those who are tested in this world are rewarded but what about those who are happy through out life? What will happen if a person has done big sins and he repents? What makes a man sinful? Whom can we call we a sinner? What is the penalty when touching the penis with the trousers on? Husband is not praying, what to do? I have read articles that are against Islam like little bit of qadainism, and that is creating doubts... Can males put henna on hand for fun? Dua for removal of body hair. What does Batai lands mean?? Please explain this What about applying of heena on chest by men? Can we Attempt Questions regarding theory of evolution? Is it Islamic for a company to impose an epf on their workers? Seek knowledge even if we have to go to china? Is visiting temple or church, starting business Beauty par lour / Saloon, and hanging taweez (amulet), for good health or wealth allowed in Islam? Who is Behlol Majzoob, foretelling the news of Jannah for Zubaida? Did rasullallah ever say that the kafirin are also his ummah? Is it sin to learn from a gair-mehram Teacher? Mirzai conference held in Kashmir? Is applying perfume permissible? Can a Muslim sleep while stretching his legs facing any direction except qibla? Addicted to evil thoughts? Is it permissible to kill insects by electric shock (using electric bat)? what was the tree from which adam and hawa (as) ate the fruit in the heaven? Is spraying pesticides or insecticides on fruits prohibited? Can a muslim visit non-Muslims worship house? Can a believer enter into kaba? We forget the little bit of knowledge of Islaam we possess as we don't find its practiccal application in current society, your suggestion, solution and guidance in this regard? Can we sleep by keeping our legs towards the Qibla? Is Allah Masculine in Gender?