Ablution (Wudu)
After ablution, sometimes a little liquid comes out of my private parts, its barely even a drop. Wadu and accidentally touching penis. Does normal vaginal discharge of women invalidate wudu? Wadu and Sexual Thoughts. Watching bad things and Wadu. Who showed the prophet how to do Wadu? Is my WADU intact if I feel warmth and wetness in my Vagina? Does fingering private part breaks wadu? When ever I pray I feel I pass wind from vagina, What should I do? Is there a particular Dua to recite before taking Wudu so that if someone farts his Wudu wont nullify? I did not touch my private organ with bare hand, was my ablution and salah valid? Does touching the armpit or underarms breaks the wudhu? If a mans private organ becomes erect will that invalidate my ablution or wudu? Does looking at ones private part breaks ablution or wadu? Wiping socks in wudu or ablution ? I was in wadu and a friend send me nude photos and videos, does my wadu break? Breaking of ablution or wudu. What if I doubt that some drops of urine had released from the private part after wadu or ablution? Is it sunnah to wipe neck during ablution? How to make Ablution(wudu)? Does watching porn break wudu or ablution? Does sexual thoughts break wudu? Does touching childs genitals or private parts break wadu or ablution? Does washing a child break the wudu or ablution? Making wadu(ablution) in standing position? Does passing wind through vagina invalidate ablution(wadu) ? Does touching private parts invalidate(break) wudu(ablution)? How to perform tyammum & what type of soil to use for it? what are the acts that invalidate wudu?