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How to handle my husband in bed during sexual intercourse?


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

We begin with Allah’s blessed name, we praise him and we glorify him, seek his forgiveness and ask him to guide us. Whoever Allah guides, None can lead astray and whoever he misguides, None can guide. There is no power and no strength except from Allah, The most high, the Most great, the most powerful. We bear witness that there is no one worthy of worship but Allah Alone, and we bear witness that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is His slave-servant and the seal of His Messengers. We pray for peace and blessings on all the noble messengers and in particular on the last of them all “the blessed prophet Mohammad (pbuh)”

The husband and the wife have every possible liberty to enjoy conjugal relations with each other, except three: anal sex, oral sex and sexual intercourse during periods.

Thus One can enjoy sexual relation with ones spouse, how and when their hearts desire, and there is absolutely no ‘satir’ between them.

Allah Says in the Holy Quran: Your wives are as a tilth unto you; so approach your tilth when or how ye will. Quran[2:223]

Dear sister, regarding the question: how to handle ones husband in bed during sexual intercourse? One should:

• First of all, one should make intention to do this thing only for the sake of Allah, and to protect oneself and ones husband from doing haram things.

• Be obedient to your husband during the act, so long as no sin is involved.

• Proceed with kind words, playfulness and kisses, to increase intimacy.

• Communicate with your husband, to satisfy you fully.

• Do not be rude with him, and do not use excuses to avoid the sexual intercourse.

• Treat him with love and care.

• Use every moment of the act to make him and yourself enjoy the physical and sexual pleasure.

• When the husband approaches for sexual intercourse, remind him to recite “'Bismillah. Allah humma jannib nas-Shaytaan wa jannib nas-Shaytaana feema razaktana' (In the name of Allah. O Allah! Protect us from the Shaytaan and prevent the Shaytaan from approaching our offspring you (may) bestow upon us)".

• If he wants to repeat the act many times in one night, do not refuse him to do so.

Umm Salamah narrated that The Messenger of Allah said: “Whichever woman dies while her husband is pleased with her, then she enters Paradise.” (Hasan) Tirmidhi [Vol. 1, Book 7, Hadith 1161 or 286]

Talq bin Ali narrated that The Messenger of Allah said: “When a man calls his wife to fulfill his need, then let her come, even if she is at the oven.” (Sahih) Tirmidhi [Vol. 1, Book 7, Hadith 1160 or 284]

Abu Dhar reported: 'The Messenger of Allah (saws) said: " in man's sexual Intercourse (with his wife, ) there is a Sadaqa. They (the Companions) said: Messenger of Allah, is there reward for him who satisfies his sexual passion among us? He said: Tell me, if he were to devote it to something forbidden, would it not be a sin on his part? Similarly, if he were to devote it to something lawful, he should have a reward. " Sahih Muslim [ Book 5 : Hadith 2198 ] And Allah alone knows the best.

I ask Allah to make this a sincere effort, seeking his pleasure, and I ask him to grant us refuge in him from the evils within ourselves, and that in our deeds. I ask him to grant us success in achieving whatever pleases him; And May Allah Shower His blessings and mercy upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), his family and his Companions and on all those who follow him until the final hour.

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