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Can I take my mobile phone loaded with quran app. with me in to the bathroom?

Sir a/s I want to know If I have a mobile phone on which I have installed the quran application, while going into the bathroom can I take my mobile phone with me. Jazakalla khair


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

We begin with Allah’s blessed name, we praise him and we glorify him, seek his forgiveness and ask him to guide us. Whoever Allah guides, None can lead astray and whoever he misguides, None can guide. There is no power and no strength except from Allah, The most high, the Most great, the most powerful. We bear witness that there is no one worthy of worship but Allah Alone, and we bear witness that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is His slave-servant and the seal of His Messengers. We pray for peace and blessings on all the noble messengers and in particular on the last of them all “the blessed prophet Mohammad (pbuh)”

There is a difference of opinion amongst the scholars; some scholars have given their opinion against it, where as majority of the scholars are of the opinion that if one has stored Quran or any Islamic material in any media (like compact disk, memory chip, mobile phone etc) and entered the bathroom or toilet along with the storage device, there is absolutely no harm.

The second opinion is supported with this argument, every Muslim has at least stored or remembered some surah(chapters) of the Quran in the brain, if one can enter toilet or in privacy in this case then why not when one is along with any invented storage device.

If one will be knowledgeable about how data is stored in any electronic device, then it would be easy for one to understand what I am going to explain:

The data stored in any mobile phone is store in the form of binary code (consisting of 0’s and 1’s) if the data stored is ‘A’ then it would not written ‘A’ there, but some binary code which would denote it(here I am only talking about the storage and not about how it is displayed on screen). Similarly if you have Quran app installed on your device, it would not be in original text but in the binary code. Thus if you enter in to toilet with your device having 010101010101111010001’s stored in it (but phones screen is off) there will be absolutely no harm. But if you open the Quran app software (which generates the exact text of Quran from this binary code) or have any ayah of quran displayed on screen, while in toilet or privacy, then it is absolutely prohibited in Islam. And Allah alone knows the best.

I ask Allah to make this a sincere effort, seeking his pleasure, and I ask him to grant us refuge in him from the evils within ourselves, and that in our deeds. I ask him to grant us success in achieving whatever pleases him; And May Allah Shower His blessings and mercy upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), his family and his Companions and on all those who follow him until the final hour.

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