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Celebrating Mehndi rat or mehndi rasam or henna ceremony ?

A/A dear brother, I'm mohsin from Kashmir, I want to know that is the celebrating mehndi rat allowed in islam, I'm really confused because I have heard that it is prohibited to celebrate it, so I want your opinion in this matter?


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

We begin with Allah’s blessed name, we praise him and we glorify him, seek his forgiveness and ask him to guide us. Whoever Allah guides, None can lead astray and whoever he misguides, None can guide. There is no power and no strength except from Allah, The most high, the Most great, the most powerful. We bear witness that there is no one worthy of worship but Allah Alone, and we bear witness that Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is His slave-servant and the seal of His Messengers. We pray for peace and blessings on all the noble messengers and in particular on the last of them all “the blessed prophet Mohammad (pbuh)”

The 'henna' or 'mehndi' rasm on marriage is a cultural occasion and is not something that is endorsed by Islam. The marriage is a joyous occasion and a Muslim is allowed to enjoy and celebrate this occasion through singing, playing games, playing halal music etc.

Narrated by Aisha I had a girl of the Ansar whom I gave in marriage, and Allah's Messenger (saws) said, "Why do you not sing, Aisha, for this clan of the Ansar like singing?" Al-Tirmidhi [Hadith 3154]

So if a muslim wishes to celebrate this cultural occasion within the bounds of shariah i.e. there is no mixing of sexes, the occasion is not the imitation of nor-believers, no haram activity is done etc. then There is no harm In celebrating mehndi rasm or mehndi rat.

Coming to your question, I have heard that it is prohibited to celebrate it.

Dear brother, in Kashmir the mehndi rasam or rat is accompanied with many things that are not allowed in Islam, like sexes are mixed, haram music is played, over spending done etc. that had forced many scholars to declare its celebration haram.

Thus if any cultural occasion has any element that goes against sharia, then without an iota of doubt, the muslims should abstain from celebrating such rasms or occasions. And Allah alone knows the best.

I ask Allah to make this a sincere effort, seeking his pleasure, and I ask him to grant us refuge in him from the evils within ourselves, and that in our deeds. I ask him to grant us success in achieving whatever pleases him; And May Allah Shower His blessings and mercy upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), his family and his Companions and on all those who follow him until the final hour.

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