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In Ramadan I enter the masjid and the fard was finished and tarawe prayer was going on, should I join the congregation of tarawe or should I first go for the fard prayer?    How to make Ablution(wudu)?    Can we burn chirag in our houses?    If wives demand separate houses, but husband cannot afford?    Is it is ok to listen to khutbah while you are in the toilet?    What is the dua in arabic when you fast?    Is a women allowed to slaughter the animal herself on eid?    Why do some of the muslims go to mazar?    Is mobile money and kissing wife haram in Islam?    What is the limit of oral sex?    Does anyone have to take a bath if they release semen from penis for performing Salat?    Can I take my mobile phone loaded with quran app. with me in to the bathroom?    What is meant by Awal Waqt and Akhir Waqt for a prayer? What is the appropriate timing for fajar prayer?    Tahiyat al-masjid before fajar salah...    I took student loans without knowing it required interest when paying back.    Is it permissible to kill insects by electric shock (using electric bat)?    How to control myself from porn?    Bandish for the house occupied by jinns and shaiateen?    ’m fasting,    Discharge while in prayer...    Urinating    How to name a child in Islam what is abjad what Sarah says about abjad?    What does islam say about the applying of henna by man?    Is it permitted for husband and wife to have sexual intercourse in Ramadan?    Can we pray witar Wajib after Tehjud prayer?    Listening music while fasting?    Reciting from Quran in tarawe?    Is it genuine to use loud speakers especially early morning before Fajar prayer for reciting Dai Suboh(in which there are praises of Allah)?    Is it necessary for a women to cover her hair or is it more necessary for her to cover her body?    Chatting with men.    Does watching porn nullify all my good deeds?    How to recite tahiyya?    Basic requirements for Marriage to be legitimate?    Can we pray tahiyatul masjid outside a mosque?    How to divide sacrifice meat on EID-UL_AZHA?    What does islam say, if someone breaks into someones facebook account, or any other account, to view his secret messages?    Where from these get the Information of Celebrating Milad?    Is a Muslim woman permitted to go out for a job?    Should I understand the meaning of the glorious quran first, and then read the Arabic text?    What is right, doing rafidain or not doing?    Who is more affected by pornography? Are girls less affected by the influence of porn?   
Is not praying Tahiyat Masjid a sin? Can I Pray All Sunnah Prayer At Home? Is Foreplay and kissing between men considered Gay sex? Contraception and Abortion in Islam. Acting in Dramas. Is Pulling out penis from vagina at the time of ejaculation considered masturbation? Whenever I research and read about related to sexual things in Islam I get erection am I making sins? Can you have sex with your wife by taking timing pills? Can wife and husband have sex in any position? What to do if you’re a Hafiz and you had forgot the Holy Quran? What’s the kafara and what to do further? Can wife and husband have sex being naked in light? Can a wife and husband have sex while bathing together and naked? How often you can have sex with your wife except her period? Can you suck your wife vagina? Can husband suck boobs of wife? I watched bad things and ejaculated about 10 days while fasting and didn't know what to do. Relationship with a non-muslim girl and feel some drops falling out from my private part? Whenever i research and read about related to sexual things in islam i get erection am i making sins? I was masturbating 10 days in Ramadan while I was fasting. What is the punishment for having sex with my step niece? Performing Ghusul in improper order. Is it necessary to take Ghusul or bath after watching porn? Relationship and sex with Hindu man? Madhi comes out while watching porn and doing masturbation. Wadu and accidentally touching penis. What is the maximum distance allowed behind or right left to a saf for another saf of prayer for which the prayer will be valid? How should a girl do Ghusul if she did masturbation during ist day of manses? Those who are tested in this world are rewarded but what about those who are happy through out life? Chatting and talking with one you wish to marry. Kissing or hugging before marriage. Is the caronavirus a punishment from Allah? Can I make dua in prostration in mother tongue? Is it allowed in islam to leave jummah prayer in fear of coronavirus spread? I can not resist watching Porn. Masturbation and cutting nails. Shaking Hands with Non-Mehram. Can I pray on the floor on which I have walked while I was sexually impure? Who is obliged to pay Usher Zakah if one sells ones fruit of apple orchard before it is ripe? My wife took her share of the property from her father but she died and Her brother claims that what she took is UN-Islamic as the father is still alive. I am Addicted to masturbation. I masturbated and I did not knew its haram. What will happen if a person has done big sins and he repents? I rejected a boy for five years, I do not want to marry him but he does not let me go. Seeing porn pictures accidentally while opening browser. will allah forgive? Does penis releases semen maniy or madhiy prostatic fluid? What are the different discharges that come out of vagina, and how to distinguish them? If one do sex with his wife during menstrual period unintentionally then how he atonement for it current days according to Islam? Have daughters any right in their parents property, have parents any share in their daughters property? I masturbate, and I do not really know how to differentiate between different types of discharges? I have shared naked pictures with a guy online whom I like... Advice me, my husband is dealing with riba or interest. I lots of money problem. I like to know if the prophet (SAW) recited the surah iklas in every prayer? I am not fasting, Does watching porn make you impure? I had sexual intercourse on 5th day and manses started again. Is "Allah has commanded that if anybody prays equal to the invocations performed by the prophets, such prayers will do no good if that person has been cursed by his or her parents" a Hadith or not from Hadith Qudsi? What is the meaning of "you do not will except that Allah wills"?
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