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What is Gusul?    What are the reasons that scholars disagree with the celebration of EID MILAD-NABI (SAW)?    What are the conditions for the animal to be sacrificed on the EID?    I rejected a boy for five years, I do not want to marry him but he does not let me go.    Sex after pregnancy?    Everything is going wrong in our family...    Can husband give zakat to his own wife?    Who are the ahmadis?    Is it necessary to recite bismillah loud while praying?    He didnt get any profit from his land for few years and getting under debt. He still have to pay the Usher-Zakah?    Making wadu(ablution) in standing position?    When Gusul becomes obligatory (necessary)?    Dream and Test    Dua for protection from cockroach, lizards etc...    when we have a miscarried fetus/ Aborted Child, have we to offer Funeral Prayer for it?    Can we vote in kashmir?    How to control myself from porn?    If we missed some rakaats of some prayer behind an imaam, after completion of prayer, how we will start the prayer?    Is it allowed to respond to someone while reliving in resting room or while urinating?    Is suhur compulsory?    When ever I pray I feel I pass wind from vagina, What should I do?    What will happen if a person has done big sins and he repents?    Khutbah in language other than arabic, and collecting donation while khutbah.    Innovation and EID MILAD-NABI ?    Is wadu or ablution compulsory to touch quran?    Reciting the Quran by the Graveside?    Seeing porn pictures accidentally while opening browser. will allah forgive?    As it is not allowed to pass infront of a man in prayer, is there any area mentioned in Hadith beyond which we shouldnt pass...?    Family refuse to pay usher on the produce from the land?    Can I have test tube baby?    How to divide sacrifice meat on EID-UL_AZHA?    Is music haram?    Is it allowed for an ulcer patient to leave the Fast ?    If the two sunnah for fajr is prayed at home, can one still pray tahiyat-ul masjid when entering the mosque    What is the difference between Usher and Zakaat and what r the conditions under which these two become compulsory upon a man or woman?    Can husband approach his wife for sexual intercourse during her (menstrual) periods?    ISlams Viewpoint on Wills,Inheritance    View about wearing trainers with abayaas, maxi skirts with shirts?    Qurbani on behalf of myself or my parents?    If a mans private organ becomes erect will that invalidate my ablution or wudu?    As Kashmir is a valley of saints so here people celebrate their days with great religious it allowed in Islam?   
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