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After seeing pornography, I feel wet, is it Maniy or Madhiy?    Obsession or obsessive compulsive disorder(ocd) is ruining my life?    Is rafedain compulsury during salah?    Does touching childs genitals or private parts break wadu or ablution?    What does islam say about hunting with aroow, with trained dog, with hawks?    What was the age of ashia (RA) when she died? And where is her grave?    If someone gives a gift to a man in authority, inorder to get favour over others, can it be considered as a bribe    Does sucking wifes breast milk affect marriage?    Is it allowed to eat the meat of foetus if it is found dead in the belly of its slaughtered mother?    Is working in a bank halaal?    we dont find its practiccal application in current society,    Repentance after committing Riba knowingly?    Hadith reference.    Hajj Qurbani and Udhyia?    Where from these get the Information of Celebrating Milad?    Sex during fasting and periods?    When ever I pray I feel I pass wind from vagina, What should I do?    Can zakat money be used to feed poor orphanage kids and poor women?    Adoption and Inheritance?    In Kashmir, some people use the smokeyizman (produced from seeds of a plant on certain occassions ,is it allowed?    Who is obliged to pay Usher Zakah if one sells ones fruit of apple orchard before it is ripe?    Is it Sunnah to dip my finger in mehandi on my marriage?    Is man created from Sperm od Dust?    What is the concept of hibba? rights of womans inheritance?    Is it permissible to Delay performance of HAJJ?    Is Using alcohol as a medicine allowed?    Family refuse to pay usher on the produce from the land?    Everything is going wrong in our family...    Can males put henna on hand for fun?    Can I take revenge on my uncle?    Assalam o alaikum sir my total paddy is 40000 maunds. How many kg do spend as Usher Thanking you    What is the penalty when touching the penis with the trousers on?    How to pronounce Iqamah for the prayer?    Working in BANK    Dream and Test    Can we burn candles in shabe barat is it right in islam?    takbir zil-hajj?    Growing incidents of molestation in KASHMIR?    Can we burn chirag in our houses?    If imaam has to go for sajda sahu and some late comer joined only the Tash-hud, and when imaam slams on right side, should the late comer also slams with imaam?    what is the timing of EID prayers ?   
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