Salah (Prayer)
Making dua or supplications in sajdah? Pulling back a person In congregation prayer? Raising hands while going to ruku? Anxiety disorder and prayer? Sunnah Ghair Muakkadah or Tahiyat-ul-Masjid? Tahiyat-ul-Masjid at zawal time? Combining intentions for prayers? Missing Suratul fathia in ones prayer? Is it necessary to recite bismillah loud while praying? If the two sunnah for fajr is prayed at home, can one still pray tahiyat-ul masjid when entering the mosque Is 1 rakah witr reward equal to 3 rakah witr reward? Dua after Durood Ibrahim? Make verbal intention for prayer? Reciting surah IKHLAS in every rakah? Is reciting sutah fatiha behind an imam obligatory both in the silent and loud prayer. JizakAllah kheir Reciting from quran in tarawe? Can I read tahiyatul masjid before fajr prayer? Khutbah in language other than arabic, and collecting donation while khutbah. Practicing 'Rafayadain' (raising one's hands). Salatul witr after isha? Praying sunnah prayers? Missing Dhuhr prayer and the Asr Jamath is standing, what to do? what is rafidain?Is it sunnah or not? Is dua masura recited in salah or after salah? Can we pray Tahitul masjid for the same mosque more than once per day if we enter and exit all 5 times? Summary of options: Qaza-e-Umri(Missed Salaats)? Dua after every fard /obligatory congregation prayer? Is it sunnah to supplicate after durood ibrahim in salah? Can we pray tahiyatul masjid outside a mosque? Forearm on the ground while in sajidah , and is it haram to pay in darkness? Awaal waqt, Wasatul waqt and Akhir waqt; please which among them is more appropriate in Islam and why? Using "Taqabbal Allaahu minna wa minkum " after prayer? How to pray proper salah? At what time can one perform tahjud prayer? Can we pray 3 rakat witr or should it be 1 raka? Tahiyat almasjid at khutba time? What is meant by Awal Waqt and Akhir Waqt for a prayer? What is the appropriate timing for fajar prayer? Reciting 'duwa masura' in our own language? Recitation of tahiyya? Phone Rings while in prayer? How many times can we say 'subhana rabiya ala' in sajidah? What is the proper way of doing sajedh suahu? Where to look while salah? Is there any hadith to look at sajdah place while in salah? Is it obligatory to pray Tahyitul Masjid or Is it nawafil or sunnat? How to recite tahiyya? How to make queues in fard prayer? How to perform the tasbih prayer? Tone of Recital in prayer? How much gape we should keep between the legs while in salah? How many rakats are in jumah? How To Prostrate? It it compulsory to answer the surah like surah teen after being recited by imaam in prayer? Joining prayers? What is right, doing rafidain or not doing? what is the ruling about Smiling or laughing during the salah? Is Reciting Quran in sajda allowed? Praying behind Beardless Imam Making up the missed sunnah of zuhr praying alone After First Queue behind an Imaam If imaam is in Fajar prayer and someone comes late, can he first offer sunnat two rakaat first and then join the Imaam? There are certain chapters( Suras like surah Teen) in Holy Quran for which we have to answer. If we are r behind an Imaam (or alone) and he recites such Surah then in this case, is it necessary to answer such sura by Muqtadees or by Imaam himself...? As it is not allowed to pass infront of a man in prayer, is there any area mentioned in Hadith beyond which we shouldn't pass...? Can we pray witar Wajib after Tehjud prayer? Is it allowed for imam to lengthen his ruko to allow others to join salah? Guide me regarding of making a ring of forefinger and thumb in an it compulsory...? Between Fajar prayer and sunrise,can we offer the missed two rakaat sunnat or should we offer them only after sunrise? Is it allowed in Islam to keep little children in queues(lines) in prayer along with young and old ones? where to look during different positions in salah? Can we make duwa in sajda? If imaam has to go for sajda sahu and some late comer joined only the Tash-hud, and when imaam slams on right side, should the late comer also slams with imaam? Catching Salah The Opening Supplication in salah? Is it necessary also for muqtadis to recite Taqbir(Allahu Akbar) after imaam in a prayer? If we missed some rakaats of some prayer behind an imaan, after completion of prayer, how we will start the prayer? Can we pray Missed Prayers? Is Tahiyat-ul-Masjid prayers(salat) forbidden during the times when it is forbidden to offer any salat? Is it permissible to offer Nafil Salaah after Witr Salaah? Forbidden times for salaah? Raising one's hands during salaah? what about the amin after imam recite sura al-fathia? Is sura al-fathia necessary to recite in prayers? what should the people behind the imam of the masjid do if the imam opens the prayers sitting, due to some problem in his legs? Is it compulsory to make a second queue after first queue towards right direction of an Imaam?