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Dawah or Islaah?    There r certain chapters( Suras like surah Teen) in Holy Quran for which we have to answer. If we are r behind an Imaam (or alone) and he recites such Surah then in this case, is it necessary to answer such sura by Muqtadees or by Imaam himself...    Ghussl of female deadbody?    when we have a miscarried fetus/ Aborted Child, have we to offer Funeral Prayer for it?    Captives of war?    Visiting Graveyards on 15th Shaban?    Is visiting temple or church, starting business Beauty par lour / Saloon, and hanging taweez (amulet), for good health or wealth allowed in Islam?    Did prophet(pbuh) see allah?    Wearing transparent headscarf(sade)?    Is it allowed to respond to someone while reliving in resting room or while urinating?    Can we perform Hajj al-Ifraad if we have done an Umrah in Shawal?    What are the different discharges that come out of vagina, and how to distinguish them?    Are engagement functions haram or bida, how can they be considered innovation?    Is it sinful to bend the fingers?    Performing Ghusul in improper order.    Salatul witr after isha?    Who are the ahmadis?    What are the solution for wet dream which occurred several time?    Is man created from Sperm od Dust?    What is the meaning of "you do not will except that Allah wills"?    Why are there two azahans on the day of jummah?    Does watching porn erase my good deeds?    Does fingering private part breaks wadu?    Are Menstruating Women Permitted to Recite or Touch the Quran?    Which is The Best Animals for Sacrifice on Eid?    My mom is possessed by a male jinn, Please help me?    My parents had deposited me a certain amount in fixed deposit scheme...    Is it permissible to make request for death from allah when one is in trouble?    Urinating    Is it Sunnah to dip my finger in mehandi on my marriage?    What is the meaning of Ghous Ul Azam or Ghaus-i-azam? Is it correct to call Shaykh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani Alayhi Rahma Ghous ul Azam?    Should we vote in elections or not as we belong to an enslaved nation where the brutality of Forces have crossed the limits?    Atonement of sex during menstruating?    When the girl is in her mensetration is she supposed to touch on the holy Quran?    Are Mensturing womens allowed to pray(i,e offer salat)?    Wiping socks in wudu or ablution ?    Is it sunnah to supplicate after durood ibrahim in salah?    What did prophet mohammad(pbuh) did after the death of a believer?    When to make intention for fasting?    Who is more affected by pornography? Are girls less affected by the influence of porn?    circumcision of women?   
After ablution, sometimes a little liquid comes out of my private parts, its barely even a drop. What is the minimum karat of dinar to be given for expiation of sin? Does rubbing penis with bed sheet makes it impure? After masturbation, does touching any thing makes it impure? Is gay cam sex deemed as sodomy or lesser of a sin than it? Can one recite Quran from heart while one Janub? My husband after having sex slept on my daughters bed using her blanket with out ghusl or complete bath. Is my daughter stuff impure now? What Islam says about meditation technique called "Mara Kaba" of Torikot e Mujaddedi? Should we Change house that has a bad effect on our family? Celebrating the death anniversary of a dead person is prohibited in Islam. I have been in a relationship with a guy from past 4 years and we had committed Zina. Should one change the home which has negative impact on people living in? Is not praying Tahiyat Masjid a sin? Can I Pray All Sunnah Prayer At Home? Is Foreplay and kissing between men considered Gay sex? Contraception and Abortion in Islam. Acting in Dramas. Is Pulling out penis from vagina at the time of ejaculation considered masturbation? Whenever I research and read about related to sexual things in Islam I get erection am I making sins? Can you have sex with your wife by taking timing pills? Can wife and husband have sex in any position? What to do if youe a Hafiz and you had forgot the Holy Quran? What the kafara and what to do further? Can wife and husband have sex being naked in light? Can a wife and husband have sex while bathing together and naked? How often you can have sex with your wife except her period? Can you suck your wife vagina? Can husband suck boobs of wife?